Beauty Meets Function at TRACE: The Main Line’s New Art & Design Gallery and Shop

Marny Baxt grew up in a family of artists and avid art collectors.

“It would be totally normal for me to hang out on an artist compounds, watching artists at work in their studios, but then being asked to babysit their kids, while they went out with my parents to an art opening or an evening of music. I thought everyone grew up that way, with art and design at the center of their lives,” shares Marny Baxt, owner of TRACE, a new curated art, design and gift shop on Rittenhouse Place, in the heart of Ardmore.

In 2017, tragedy struck Marny’s life when in quick succession she lost both parents to cancer and became a single Mom.

“After both my parents passed, I was sorting through the art and antiques collected by my family for generations when I experienced an ‘Ah-ha moment’. I realized in order to keep the item in my life it had to fit into one of three categories: it had a functional purpose, I could display it for its beauty, or my daughter could enjoy it. If it didn’t fit into one of those categories, it was donated,” says Baxt.

This turn of events sent Baxt on a mission to help people connect to and support artists, and to curate a collection of functional and distinctive art and design for people to enjoy in their homes. Baxt left her thriving career in Talent Management, teamed up with Pamela Shaw, a former buyer and product developer at the MoMA Design Store, and opened TRACE.

“Our clients are people who want art and design they put in their homes, and the gifts they give, to be tasteful, authentic, unique and beautiful. We work hard to curate a collection of art, home décor and jewelry that cannot be found anywhere else on the Main Line,” shares Baxt.

Soon after opening in the Spring of 2019, TRACE expanded their services to include home styling and art consultation, including commissioning one-of-a-kind art pieces for clients’ homes.

Baxt beams, “I am really proud of what we are building. We love hunting for the undiscovered, for the art and design that will be treasured and functional, beyond any passing trend, and for the entire family to appreciate and use.”

TRACE is located at 80 Rittenhouse Place in Ardmore and can be found online at and on Instagram @thetraceshop.